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Katja Kean aktorka porno - Darmowe filmy porno Katja Kean

Katja Kean

Katja Jean, Sussi la Cour, Katja K.

Katja Kean
Frederiksberg,Capital,Denmark 592
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Informacja Katja Kean

  • Narodziny: 7/2/1968, 54 Wiek.
  • Wzrost:5 ft 7 in (175 cm)Waga:127 lbs (58 kg)Płeć:Zeńska
Katja K, also known as Katja Kean (born Sussi la Cour on February 7, 1968 in Denmark) is a Danish porn actress

Katja has a career tendo something unusual in the industry. She made her first porn film in 1997 at the age of 29, quickly achieved success, and leaving the business three years later. Although she made relatively few movies, got to work with many adult film companies prominent among which are included Private, Wicked Pictures, and Sin City. She also appeared in popular men's magazines during her career in porn.

She has also starred in two hardcore films produced by Zentropa Nominated by director Lars von Trier Academy: Constance (1998) and Pink Prison (1999). This is the first and only time in history that a conventional film producer also produces porn. Both films were bestsellers and remained in the top ten of the best sellers for years. "Constance" was called for three AVN Awards. "Pink Prison" won a Best Picture Venus as Scandinavian. On March 12th 2006, pornographic films were legalized in Norway after a case involving a favorable review of "Constance" and "Pink Prison".

In 2002, Katja changed her stage name "Katja Kean" to "Katja K" after a Danish family complained to Kean surnamed resentindos said to be linked to his name of a porn star.

Since his retirement from porn in 2000, Katja has enjoyed continued success in their home country. She has become an interpreter of conventional cinema and had a leading role in a Danish comedy "Langt fra Las Vegas" (Far from Las Vegas).

She sang with the Danish musician Dario Campeotto a song "Save Your Love". She also appeared on a song called Filur-the Sunset Boulevard -

The author wrote his biography Henrik List (based on interviews with her) entitled "Katja Kxxx-Stjerne I Syndens I" which sold well.

In 2004 she entered the world of fashion. He began with his own line of underwear, the company is called Katja K-Based on a true story. In collaboration with Danish designer duo called Femmes Regional, they have now created a collection of couture lingerie.

Today, along with his business career, she also lectures on personal marketing. At the University of Aarhus and "Ernst & Young" is some firms where she has spoken